Our Mission

Peggy’s Promise Rescue aims to provide veterinary care and forever homes to animals in need. We assist in programs such as last litter programs to stop the overbreeding cycle and to help owners with accidental litters. 

Peggy’s Promise believes no fur kid should go without the basics and ensures every animal that comes into care is microchipped, vaccinated, desexed and is provided with flea and worming preventative treatment at the very least. All animals are treated for their health conditions or issues that may arise and then rehomed to their forever homes.

Peggy’s Promises strives in finding the perfect home for every animal where they are not at risk of being homeless again. We assist owners struggling with life situations such as relationship breakdowns and the rental crisis.

Peggy’s Promise is very passionate about responsible pet ownership and strives to ensure every animal is microchipped and legally registered with council. 

Peggy’s Promise Rescue’s mission is no fur kids go without the basics