Sex: male


Breed: Staffy Mix

Age: 7 years

Price: $350


Desexed: yes

Microchipped: yes


Monty is a gentle giant. He is easy going, very chill, and seems to be a happy and incredibly special soul. He is friendly with visitors, children and other dogs. In his foster home he has formed friendships with his two fur friends, and he seeks out their companionship. He would suit a house with other dogs, but he also would be perfectly matched for someone without any dogs who’s looking for that perfect companion, because Monty really is that! When he 1st arrived, for the early weeks – the other 2 dogs were still sleeping inside and Monty was outside in his kennel by himself. He wasn’t super happy but after some cuddles he would go into his kennel and hasn’t been a problem with separation in this regard. Otherwise, he is home outside with his fur friends when we are at work and seems fine. Monty will need a daily walk, he just loves a stroll, walks perfectly on a lead, and it is mostly slack – but when he gets an exciting smell he can pull a bit but responds to verbal commands. Being a big dog, although he mostly is perfect, he does need someone that is able to hold on if he gets excited and pulls. He is currently walked separately to his fur friends as they are not good on the lead and when he walks with them he does pull, but by himself he is lovely. He just loves LOVE, it is impossible not to love him back, so in Monty’s best interests, a home where he is not by himself frequently would be ideal and where he can be an inside dog. In Monty’s past life it is doubtful that he has been an inside dog but he has been with us and he loves being close. He is house trained and although his fur friends are naughty and love to get on the couch, after trying a couple of times, Monty has resigned himself (perfectly) to his dog bed. He really is a most perfect special dog. Whoever takes him into their home for forever wont regret it.