Sex: female

ID: 578476

Breed: Pound special

Age: 2.5 Years

Price: $250.00

Registration: no

Desexed: yes

Microchipped: yes

Bobby is one of our long term foster dogs, she is approximately two and a half years old and she has been in my care for two years now.

Bobby is one of the most sweetest dogs l have ever fostered. She is very anxious so would need a family who would give her the time she needs to settle in. Once she gets comfortable she will be one of the most loyal dogs you will find.

Bobby has been in my home with three young children and another dog. She is great with the kids and so good with my mini foxie.

She loves nothing more than to play ball, and she will require someone who is home more than not at first but once settled she is fine to be on her own.

Bobby can be an inside or outside dog however she will need high fences as she sometimes likes to jump the fence. She does jump my fence but she never leaves my front yard as she is very comfortable here.

Bobby is a good listener and will sit at the front door and let you put her harness on as she is eager to walk and explore. She also sits at meal times waiting for her food.

Organise a meet and greet and come and meet this beautiful girl, you will not be disappointed.