Sex: female


Breed: Miniature Fox Terrier

Age: 3 years

Price: $650


Desexed: yes

Microchipped: yes

NEEDS A HOME WHERE HUMANS ARE HOME, would suit a retired person. PLEASE read the description before putting in an enquire

🎈Brandy has taken a while to come out of her shell. We have witnessed her growing in confidence each day to become the sweetest, most loyal, loving and playful dog. Once she’s decided you’re ok, she is your best friend.
🎈She loves to play ‘fetch’ with a ball and will bring it back every time.
🎈She enjoys her walks on lead, but will need some ongoing training.
🎈Because of her wariness of people, we’ve not pushed her too much with training, but with consistency and above all a gentle approach to training and lots of kindness, she is so clever we know she will get there.
🎈She will wait for her meals but is taking time to learn to ‘sit’.
🎈She is toilet trained.
🎈Will likely be nervous with new people so she’ll need time to know where to go and go on her own as she is quite dependant on human company, in fact we joke about how she’s a shadow and always underfoot. This may improve once she feels settled. That also means she’d suit someone home with her most of the time.
🎈She is crate trained and is very happy in her crate.
🎈She is fearful of strangers and especially small children as they can be too unpredictable. For this reason, we think she would do best in a home with no kids or older/ teenage children.
🎈When she is scared or is startled she can react with growling including at other dogs, but she is getting much better with this and almost recognises herself that this is not normal social doggy behaviour.
🎈She would be best with a calmer, slightly bigger in size doggy companion or would make an ideal only dog.