Sex: female

ID: 773996

Breed: DSH

Age: 1 year 8 months

Price: $50.00


Desexed: yes

Microchipped: yes


Cuddly & Playful

Female Domestic Short Hair Cat


Dusty Dusty, Dusty.

Just like your accounts lady before 9am, Dusty is Not In The Mood.

She’s every tradie before a coffee; currently with the temperament of the housemate that always does the dishes. 🍴🍽🥛

Dusty is more than comfortable telling you she wants a nap,her space and a quiet house. She’s not here for kids, cats or things that bark. She will shush them like that librarian we all had as a kid.

The best way to try get on this Shark Tank Investors good side is a snack. Don’t touch her belly, it’s a trap. That manicure is not for display only. 💄

Despite the sass, at Peggys we really know that the way Dusty is acting right now stems from fear. She needs a quiet, loving home with someone that is patient and understands that it Will Take Time. And once you’ve had that time, she will form a loyal bond with you. 😻

Chip on file. Please message regarding any inquiries.

Dusty is desexed, vaccinated and microchipped and is available, currently staying in foster care on the Central Coast. Please message us to learn more. Her adoption price to help her get a home is $50.

Adoption details

-You contact us to obtain an adoption application and discuss the dog of interest.
Once the application is completed and returned it will be assessed for suitability. We will also ask for rental agreements or rates and photos our your home please also including photos of your fencing

-A Meet and Greet with the dog and all members of the adopting family and current dogs are arranged where possible.
This usually coincides with a Yard check to ensure the safety and security of the property on which the dog will be kept. – We understand that this is not always possible in interstate adoptions and this will be discussed on your initial contact.

-Payment of the Adoption fee in full. The dog is then handed over with any belongings, and all relevant paperwork and records please note we do have contracts in place that must be signed.

-Once the 14-day ‘settling in’ period has ended, the change of ownership microchip details are submitted, and the adoption is officially finalised.

For interstate adoptions- Adoptor must have a meet and greet with the animal they are adopting we will not send an animal over without a meet. All transport cost including flights will need to be paid in full by the adoptor.