Sex: female

ID: 785577

Breed: Medium Female Bull Terrier x British Bulldog x Boxer x Mixed Breed Dog

Age: 7 months old

Price: $450.00


Desexed: yes

Microchipped: yes


Deaf & Smart

Medium Female Bull Terrier x British Bulldog x Boxer x Mixed Breed Dog

❤Beautiful little Japer the deaf puppy is looking for a new forever home.

She had an amazing home with another puppy Oadey, but was developing a sort of sibbling syndrome. It was in her an Oadeys best interests to seperate them and find her another family (out of the 2 she would rehome easier whereas Oadey was too placid and would struggle in a new environment).

She came back into care with her original foster carer for some more hand signal and obedience training.

(Although stubborn😅) she does know sit, stay, laydown, shake, bed, thumbs up, no, outside, crate an house trained. She is also working on her off lead training.

She is 7 month boxer x bull terrier x bulldog x mixed breed, medium size, extremely cute, abit energetic and very loving!!

Being deaf she is a special needs girl who will require dedicated parents. Jasper is great with children!! She gets overexcited with other doggos, so if you have other doggos they will need to be obedient like her foster brother Fatso or a softy like Bessy who are patient of Jaspers needs and puppy energy too.

All her medicals and vaccinations are already done so she is ready for her new adventure!!

check out the video below Jasper at the beach > https://peggyspromise.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/jasper-.mov