Sex: male


Breed: Bull Mastiff Mix

Age: 3 years

Price: $350


Desexed: yes

Microchipped: yes


Kobah is a 14 month old medium to large sized dog who is incredibly playful and affectionate around children. Since coming into care in December 2022, she has been living on acreage with children (aged seven, five, three and two), horses and another dog. Kobah has been a Wannabe THERAPY DOG for the past few months… exposed to many different children and adults and has been great with all of them (after some initial hesitation). She has high levels of energy and wants to play all day with people, toys, sticks, other dogs (large and small) and horses, which she is learning is not okay because the horses don’t like to play her games of chase. If living on a residential block, she will need to be walked daily for at least 30 minutes. Kobah is toilet trained but needs some lead training (her foster carer hasn’t worked on this at all as it hasn’t been necessary on the farm). She does wander off away from the house but returns as soon as she is called. Like all young dogs she will need ongoing training and socialisation, she would be best suited to a home with another furry friend.