Sex: female

ID: 786196

Breed: staffy mex

Age: 1 year old

Price: $450.00


Desexed: yes

Microchipped: yes


Loving & Loyal

Large Female Amstaff Mix Dog

Lulu is a very loving and snuggly dog.

Lulu is an affectionate lovely girl who doesn’t like doing wrong. There have been times she would get a bit funny with the resident dogs whilst she was pregnant. She got sad when she was told off and knew she did the wrong thing. She just wanted to be part of the gang getting cuddles on the couch.

She learnt fast and it wasn’t long before she was lying all over the carer and with her dogs. She loves attention and to feel loved.

She is not interested in chickens but did show an interest in bunnies. That didn’t last too long though because being Told no is her least favorite thing ever.
She made an excellent mum and was incredibly vigilant and caring to her babies.

Lulu just needs to be loved, cuddled and be in a home where she is treasured. She will shine!!!

She is protective of bones so will need to be given them separate from any other animals. She is not food aggressive or protective of her bowl though.

She has good guard dog tendencies, and lets people walking past too close to the fence know she is there. We think that she was not introduced to dogs but saw them pass by, down the track this created some angst, so will need more training on the leash when walking past other dogs as she tends to lunge.

She is amazing with toddlers who visit her and the babies and seemed to enjoy the company of people. She is only a baby who was forced to be an adult dog, Evident as she was so awkward when the resident dogs would play with each other.

It would be ideal for her to be with older dogs OR someone who was prepared to give her the time to learn to play and socialise properly.

Lulu is currently living with 3 Labs and she’s loving life, sadly she has spent most of her life tied up on a chain just being a breeding machine

Lulu is a amstaff cross and is desexed, vaccinated and microchipped and is available on the Central Coast of NSW.

Adoption details

-You contact us to obtain an adoption application and discuss the dog of interest.
Once the application is completed and returned it will be assessed for suitability. We will also ask for rental agreements or rates and photos our your home please also including photos of your fencing

-A Meet and Greet with the dog and all members of the adopting family and current dogs are arranged where possible.
This usually coincides with a Yard check to ensure the safety and security of the property on which the dog will be kept. – We understand that this is not always possible in interstate adoptions and this will be discussed on your initial contact.

-Payment of the Adoption fee in full. The dog is then handed over with any belongings, and all relevant paperwork and records please note we do have contracts in place that must be signed.

-Once the 14-day ‘settling in’ period has ended, the change of ownership microchip details are submitted, and the adoption is officially finalised.

For interstate adoptions- Adoptor must have a meet and greet with the animal they are adopting we will not send an animal over without a meet. All transport cost including flights will need to be paid in full by the adoptor.

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