Sex: female

ID: 781545

Breed: please see dna results from her pup

Age: 2 years old

Price: $450.00

Registration: no

Desexed: yes

Microchipped: yes


Smart and Active

Medium Female Kelpie Mix Dog

Pippa is finally being retired from mum life! After coming from a rural pound with her babies, she has done the hard yards and is looking forward to living the rest of her life.

She is an affectionate, loving dog who is good with other dogs and kids. She loves scratches and cuddles.

Her foster carer said she is one of the smartest dogs she has ever come across! This means she will learn lots and quickly, but it also means She will need lots of enrichment, toys and exercise to keep her occupied, putting her energy into a positive place.

She is a ball of energy and plays like a puppy! She would do best with an active family and another dog to play and spend time with. With her energy and intelligence she would even do well doing something like agility!

She does well with other dogs and is quite confident. She hasn’t met cats and would maybe be best without them. Another dog is a must!

If you can give her an active, fun and loving home let us know! She is desexed, vaccinated and microchipped and is located on the Central Coast of NSW