Sex: female

ID: 729141

Breed: dog

Age: 2 years old

Price: $250.00

Registration: no

Desexed: yes

Microchipped: yes


Happiest pup

Large Female Greyhound x Bull Arab Mix Dog

Have you got the eye for the Tiger?
Rising up back from her past, (back to a home?)
She did her time (in the kennels ) and took her chances (to find love)
She went the distance (with her training) and now she is back (bouncing) on her feet
Just a pup and her will to survive

So many times it happens too fast (that people scroll by)
You trade your passion for pups for another
She hasn’t lost her grip on the dream of a home
She is fighting to keep them alive

It’s the Eye of the Tiger
It’s the thrill of fight (to find the perfect lap to sleep in)
Rising up to the challenge of high fences (she needs them)
And she’s the last pup to push to find the perfect (single dog) home
Cause Peggys Promise is watching for applications for adoption of Tiger ❤️

Tiger is a beautiful 1 year 10 month old bull Arab cross that is well overdue to have a home of her very own! She is around 40 kg (don’t let this fool you, she thinks she is a lap dog) and has all her vetwork done. She needs a single dog home to have all the love to herself, and can have supervised playtime with gentle dogs. She likes to do the zoomies then sun bake for the rest of the day. She is very smart and likes learning new things. She needs 6 foot plus fences as she also enjoys parkour!

Note from her trainer:

“Tiger has come such a long way since day one. We started with all the basics which she picked up so well and with ease. We are now focusing on crate training and being comfortable in the crate which she nailing in every way possible. She has also gone leaps and bounds with her training with distraction and around other dogs on lead, she keeps great focus with her handler and doesn’t show any interest as she works around them or near them. This girl is so sweet and beautiful in nature. She is extremely smart and loves to learn.”

To get her a home her fee has been reduced to $250 and she is on the Central Coast of NSW