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Peggys Promise Rescue
Peggys Promise Rescue
Our darling Jasper....


Her daddy and mum are just obsessed with her! She’s queen of the house, goes to work with her mum. She’s stolen her dads heart along with their bed 😂

Her new parents are also actually friends with some of our carers that adopted one of her brothers!! Rest assured there are play dates lined up in the future 💜

Third time is the charm for our cheeky little piglet girl 😍😍

Enjoy some Jasper spam below
Peggys Promise Rescue
Peggys Promise Rescue
Want to help but not sure how?

Do you have some cat toys, beds, tunnels floating around? 🐱🐱

We’ll take them!

Drop them into a local Petstock on the central coast, comment below OR message the page for more info!!
Peggys Promise Rescue
Peggys Promise Rescue
Have... have you heard the news?

Bailey is nearly ready for her forever home! She’s a five month old staffy x and is just the biggest snuggle bug.

Bailey is working hard on her manners both indoor, outdoor and some leash work too!

When she is ready for adoption, her profile will go up- but for the meantime let’s just look at those ears 😍
Peggys Promise Rescue
Peggys Promise Rescue
What a big week of cat surrenders and strays!

First up; Bellamy the kitten. He has ZERO business being this cute and we are all in love with him.

We then have Baloo the Bear Manx kitten and his mum Poppy Manx. The hardest surrenders we have are from good people, doing right by their animals. So many people don’t realise the situation they are in and continue to hold out.

Poppy and Baloos original mum reached out and we are so thankful she did. We’ll find the best homes 💜

Bellamys mum Octavia is quite feral, so she will be with us for a while to learn she doesn’t need to fight for her food anymore. Thank you to the lovely gentleman that reached out and helped us get them into care 💜

And lastly, we have Cat, Bob Cat. Another community surrender already vetted and ready to go to his forever home! He likes his kibble shaken- not stirred.

Peggys Promise Rescue
Peggys Promise Rescue
Chance is ready for the long weekend!

Our little man has discovered his foster brother Flame (was Ember) has jumped into his bed and now we have a snuggle bug pile!

Chance has just gotten his stitches out and is doing so well!
Peggys Promise Rescue
Peggys Promise Rescue
Urgent Urgent Urgent FOSTER CARER required, can be seperated. Owner is having to surrender due to a serious illness, very sad circumstances, so must be brought in ASAP. Sheba the Shepard and Jesse the cattle x. Sheba is 2 1/2 years old and Jesse is 9 months old. Great with other dogs and kids, must reside on the Central Coast, have secure fencing, treat the pair like their own, we supply everything. Foster care required until they are adopted, please consider everything prior to volunteering.


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